What Is a Guardian Home Contract for a Dog

Illness, injury or death of the dog in the custody of the parent or guardian Once your dog has completed the specified amount of litters or years of use under the agreement, we will pay for your dog to be neutered/neutered and he/she will return home with you to continue enjoying his life. The parent dog becomes a companion/pet and is lucky enough to be part of a family and a home – and large puppies are raised. This breeding dog/parent lives forever in his house, grows, is trained, is well socialized, loved and cared for and is part of the family. What could be better? The Guardian family has the opportunity to have a truly wonderful dog at a very low cost, in exchange for working with us for a limited number of litters. The Guardian family receives a contractually agreed amount for the litter of each or a fixed amount per stud dog for a male during the term of the contract. This is a total “victory” for everyone, the parent dog, the Guardian family and Kressin Doodles! Please note that we are very selective and only highly qualified families are allowed to take care of our breeding dogs. We will conduct a telephone interview and conduct a home visit. Our breeding program depends on the quality of care provided by our guardian families – we expect the best possible family life for our dogs. This plan is used by many producers and is often referred to as the Care Program or “Guardian Home”. In summary – the breeding dog lives with his adoptive family and returns to us for breeding if necessary. Females return in season, and then again to give birth to puppies.

The female stays with us for 10-14 days during her heat cycle to be bred. Then she returns to give birth to the puppies a week before their due date and stays with us until the puppies are weaned (about 6-7 weeks in total). The males return when a female he needs for the stud farm is in heat. We work with our Guardian Homes through a simple contract, providing support and advice throughout the year and staying in touch throughout the year. At the end of the Guardian Home Family contract, the dogs are 100% owned by the Guardian family. All other dogs in the house MUST be repaired if they are of the opposite sex. Keep the dog well trained and healthy. The contract must specify who will pay for the medical expenses.

If you are a tutor for one, you need to be ready to wean her off for 1-2 weeks while she is being raised. Then wean them again 1 week before the date of their puppy. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned. A guardian or guardian family is a person or household that agrees to keep and care for a breeder`s dog. This is a formal contract that comes with legal obligations, some of which may affect and limit your lifestyle. If you don`t honor your end of agreement, it can cause the dog breeder to take back your beloved pet. Therefore, never enter into a guardianship contract without a guardianship lawyer to ensure that your agreement is fair and practical in the long run. For more information, see the following contract. Feel free to call if you have any questions! 478-550-4108 Guardian families are responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the dog. This includes, but is not limited to, annual checkups, vaccinations, food, toys, exercise and socialization, etc. Basically, the essentials to owning a dog.

Dreaming Doodles covers the cost of breeding and performs the health tests we need before breeding one of our dogs. Once all tests are completed and passed, we will include the dog in our program. If the dog does not meet our health testing requirements, we will pay for the dog to be neutered/neutered, and he/she will be removed from our breeding program and return home to continue living with his/her guardianship family. This Agreement is between the “Breeder”, Kressin Doodle/Beth Kressin, and __ The Agreement is terminated in a defined manner. $__________ The dog always belongs to the dog breeder. A guardian is a person who has signed a contract to care for the dog on behalf of its owner. Ownership of the dog will not be transferred to the Guardian until the terms of this Agreement are complied with. Allow the dog to access the breeding.

This often involves maintaining a reasonable distance to the breeder. A male breeding dog may be away from home for a week or more. may be at home with the breeder for several weeks or more, depending on the circumstances. In both cases, the custodian family usually has access to their pet during their stay with the breeder, although there may be some restrictions or restrictions. Guardians may return the dog at any time for any reason and the guardian contract will be terminated. It is also common for guardianship contracts to include a deposit that the guardian must pay to receive the dog. After producing its first litter, the deposit will be refunded. If you are a guardian for a male, you must be prepared to drop it off for breeding for 3-5 days, unless arrangements are made in advance for us to pick it up. In order for Dreaming Doodles to offer our dogs the highest quality of life, we have established a caretaker partnership with local families in our breeding program. As a caretaker`s house, you get a puppy/dog for free, which you keep as part of your family for the dog`s life and are also part of the Dreaming Doodles breeding program. Each guardianship agreement is established on a case-by-case basis and usually includes 2 to 4 years for our dog and 5 years for our male dogs once they reach sexual maturity.

Once the contract is fulfilled, the dog is yours. This could allow you to have an expensive breed that you could not afford otherwise. You can also get help with medical bills and other costs, depending on the agreement you make with the breeder. However, this is usually not the case, and most contracts make medical expenses and insurance the responsibility of the guardian`s family. The dog breeder assumes the costs of breeding costs. For our male guardians, once we have completed the health tests and the male is ready to be used for breeding, we will inform the guardianship families when we need him for breeding by giving as much notice as possible. Please note that this can sometimes be short-term (day from or day before). The male may be absent for a few days at a time and stay with us for breeding, but with our male guardians, we require them to live nearby, preferably within 15 minutes of Davison, MI, in order to avoid this if possible.

The protection family does not have breeding rights for male protection dogs and cannot offer dog breeding or allow other dogs to breed. Our male guard dogs could potentially be used 2-3 times a month in extreme cases, but there will likely be many months when we won`t need its use at all. The guardian family must have excellent communication and be ready to work with us. The exact requirements of a guardianship contract vary, but they usually boil down to the following responsibilities: In most cases, the guardian family becomes the new owner of the dog after producing a certain number of litters or after it has passed the brutal. Until then, the guardian family must fulfil its obligations as set out in the contract. If you are a guardian for one of our females, you will be compensated $50/puppy OR $300/litter (your choice) once their puppies get home. You are welcome to plan a visit while she is with us and play with the puppies! Failure to comply with any of these obligations may result in termination of the guardianship agreement and reimbursement of previous breeding costs, and if this results in the dog not being used as a breeder, a penalty fee of $3000 will be charged. Thank you for your interest in our Guardian Home process. For our babysitters, it is the responsibility of the caretaker family to warn us when the heat comes on fire. in our program are usually absent for 3-4 days for initial breeding in the guardianship family, but are sometimes returned on the same day.

The female will stay with you at home until about a week before crying (bitches have been pregnant for about 2 months). She will then stay with Dreaming Doodles to help and raise her puppies. During this time, you are welcome to visit your dog and once the puppies are weaned, it will be returned to you. Becoming a guardian home gives you the opportunity to have one of our top-notch Pick of the Litter puppies as a pet. Instead of buying this puppy, you leave a deposit of $ 150, which will be refunded at the end of his breeding career (3-4 litters or up to the age of 4 years for women and up to the age of 6 years for men). Doodles of Oz retains ALL reproduction rights. We reserve the right to terminate our guardianship program at any time we deem necessary. Once retired, it will be sterilized at our expense and sent back to you. If the dog dies accidentally due to circumstances beyond the control of the guardians, the guardians do not have to pay to the breeder. At Doodles of Oz, we believe that every dog deserves to have a loving and eternal home. All our dogs are part of our family and live in our home and not in kennels, so we know they get as much attention as possible. That`s why we decided to offer a Guardian Home program.

A caretaker`s house is a permanent home for one of our breeding males or females. .